Name: Annabelle / Age: 37 / 
Creating True Freedom with my brilliant husband
and 3 bright and beautiful children

Everybody has a mess in their past. And everyone can turn their mess into a great message....if they decide to clean their mess up.

Life was tough for me when I was in my 20's. A lot of those tough times came from self-inflicted origins. After a very contentious & highly stressful family court trial and going through a period of  infertility due to toxicity I created. I had been feeding myself unhealthy junk and thinking very negative thoughts and my life was not in a good place. My marriage sucked, I had stopped communicating with good friends, I withdrew from the world and didn't speak to anyone unless it was absolutely necessary, which was really easy to do since I was a stay at home mom. I remember taking stock of how I was doing as a mother and feeling deep regret. I knew that what I was role-modeling was not even close to what I wanted my children to follow. One day I looked at my life and decided I was through living that way. I was through feeling powerless, apathetic, irritated and disconnected. I knew that so much better was waiting out there for me. So I changed.

I recognized that I needed to detox in the most urgent way - and not just my physical body. I needed to detox my mind and my spirit as well. I began by seeking out inspirational people. I listened to things they said and read things that they wrote on a daily basis. I prayed. A lot. I went to a therapist and talked things out. I changed what I ate. I went on a strict cleanse. I started to exercise. I practiced daily gratitude. I wrote love notes and affirmations to myself on my mirrors in dry erase marker. Interestingly enough, my husband started to change as well because he was also reading these positive affirmations every day. I also used essential oils for my emotional well-being with amazing success. My transformation has been a few years in the making and once in a blue moon I still have a tough day but I feel eternally blessed that I've come so far!

The things I mentioned above were the stepping stones for me breaking out of a life of mediocrity. It's like a fog was lifted and I could clearly see the destructive nature of my daily choices. Up until then I had been pretty oblivious to the impact my toxicity was creating for myself and my loved ones. I am humbled yet proud to say that since my transformation I have helped numerous people and families get started on the path of living a lifestyle of true wellness. It is an honor to share my knowledge and help people get on a completely different trajectory in their life - towards happiness, health and fulfillment. 

My message to you is simple: You can live a life of True Freedom however you define it. Yes, it's challenging to overcome blocks in order to expand your mind and let in all the goodness that your beautiful life has to offer. I'm not saying it's easy. I am saying it is WORTH IT. It is my purpose  to help as many people as I can to achieve go from unfulfilled, apathetic and questioning their purpose in life, to waking up and absolutely loving what is on their agenda for that day, and every day.

The more people who have the True Freedom to express their gifts and talents to the world, the better. 
I want to help you turn your mess into your message. 

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True Freedom. I'm excited that you're here and I am ready to go on this journey with you! 

Love Always,