Hey there! I'm Annabelle Husson.


Hi beautiful! I’m Annabelle. I live in Las Vegas, NV with my brilliant, sexy husband and my 3 bright & beautiful children.

I once lived a very anxious life until I reached the breaking point in my health and emotional state. I knew she couldn’t continue that way any longer. So I did the hard work in order to change my story and live peacefully.

I attribute my 360˚ turnaround to fixing relationships in my life. It all started with the relationship I had with myself, then led to healing relationships with the people I love most.

By doing this work, I realized that relationships with everything matter. Including (but not limited to) your relationship with your body, your environment, with money, with your career.

The quality of your relationships directly affects your happiness & quality of your life.

I want to help you get started on your path towards better relationships. Starting with yourself and the ones you love most.

I am ready to share what I’ve used that has helped me the most over the past decade of healing relationships. From essential oils & affirmations to exercise &

That’s where the magic begins. By beginning the process and staying true to your healing path, you create sustainable happiness and fulfillment! I promise it’s all worth it!