Annabelle Husson lives in Las Vegas, NV with her brilliant husband and 3 bright & beautiful children.

She once lived a very anxious life until she reached the breaking point in her health and emotional state. She knew she couldn’t continue that way any longer. So she did the hard work in order to change her story and live a peacefully & content.

She attributes her turnaround to healing the relationships in her life. It all started with the relationship she had with herself, which then led to healing relationships with the people she loves most.

The quality of your relationships directly affects your happiness & quality of your life.

Annabelle wants to help you get started on your path towards better relationships. From that launching point, you’ll see that anything is possible. You just have to get started.

Annabelle is ready to share what she has used that has helped her the most over the past decade. From essential oils & affirmations to exercise & emotional releasing work (just to name a few things). Essential oils will be highlighted throughout Annabelle’s work because they played a powerful role in her transformation.

Her advice to you right here right now?

Just start. That’s where the magic begins. By beginning the process and staying true to your healing path, you create sustainable happiness and fulfillment! Just ask Annabelle, she knows all about it. :)