Hey there! We're Brent and Annabelle Husson.

We run a successful network marketing business teaching people how to go green with their health and release negativity from their bodies and minds. We've always lived a little unconventionally, meaning we stopped working at traditional jobs a long time ago and live life on our terms due to our innate entrepreneurial spirits. 9-5 just ain't our gig! Not saying that there's anything wrong with 9-5, we just know it's never been for us.

Although traditional doesn't suit us, we didn't imagine that network marketing would be something that would! If it weren't for the freakin' fantastic quality of dōTERRA and their products, network marketing still wouldn't be for us. We don't believe in promoting anything we don't personally love! We educate about essential oils and going green with your well-being.

In our 7 years of using dōTERRA essential oils and oil-enhanced products, we've witnessed hundreds of success stories and went through our own health transformations. We might even call the success stories miracles! That is - if we didn't know about the super legit science behind why these oils work.

We love connecting with people who also want to live life on their terms, be unbound by traditional norms, go green with their health and their mindset, and live life on purpose, with purpose.

Here are some other things we love:

•Our bright and beautiful children
•Never having to report to a boss to ask for time off
•Leisurely mornings with our kids (even on weekdays)
•Sustainable income
•Changing lives one person at a time
•Having only the kids' school schedule dictate when we need to be back from vacation
•Eating good food while in good company
•Sports activities with our kids
•Molding our minds to be on the positive side of the story
•Teaching our kids to do the same
•Our family cat, Fatso
•Our dog who passed last November, Niki
•The beach
•The lake
•Living a purposeful life
•Teaching others to do the same

The fact that you're here, reading this, means that something about dōTERRA and the lifestyle is calling to you. Maybe it's the peace of mind that you've heard the oils can provide. Or maybe it's the option of making money in dōTERRA and being freed from the bonds of financial stress. Whatever it is, we're SO happy that you're here and we can't wait to connect with you! If you haven't done so yet, you can subscribe to Love True Freedom's newsletter here. When you subscribe you get a fabulous e-book called Detox Your Life absolutely free as a warm thank you from us. No more waiting for your purposeful life! The time is now. Can't wait to be in touch!

Love Always ~ Annabelle & Brent