The Purposeful Life

My name is Annabelle Husson and I am an addict. I'm addicted to personal development! Over the past 6 years I have enjoyed some hard-earned successes in my life. I have strengthened my marriage and brought it back from the brink of disaster (and another D-word). I have nurtured my my teen daughter and helped her see the potential within herself therefore guiding her to overcome some self-destructive habits. I have empowered myself in my wellness and defeated some concerning health issues. I have grown my business to the level of replacing a household income when I had so many insecurities in myself at the beginning of my business venture. I've grown so much as a person and it all started with the willingness to change. 

I could go on and on about my successes but what I want to help you see today is that you, too, can gain this sort of empowerment and clarity in your life. Are you ready to live a purposeful, fulfilled life? Some questions to answer to find this out are: 
• Are you unfulfilled with what you do for a living and yearn to do something you feel passionate about? 
• Is your marriage dysfunctional yet you want to have respect, intense love and positive reciprocation with your spouse?
• Are your children acting out in negative ways? Do you want to draw out the very best in your children? 
• Are you feeling disconnected and lonely but want to have a healthy connection with your community? 
• Are you constantly struggling with health issues yet you want to feel vibrant and healthy all of the time? 
• Do you have the tendency to worry, be negative and seem to find yourself in the middle of drama often? Do you want to gain control over your thought processes so your mind attracts only the positive? 

if you answered YES to any of these questions then you are ready to start on the path of personal development. Start by reading the weekly affirmation right below this text. Say it out loud to yourself (when alone) or silently in your head several times a day. If you feel resistance of any sort then it's a clue that you want to change something about your life to align with the affirmation and believe it into being. Please sign up for my newsletter for more tips and inspiration to get you started on your purposeful life! I look forward to connecting with you.