Vision Board or Vision BORED??

Has this happened to you? You spent lots of time on your vision board. You gathered all sorts of fun things to add to it including magazine cutouts, scrap-booking materials, pictures, glitter, etc. etc. and you ended up with a fun and pretty collage which then sits up on your wall and looks interesting and nice. You realize over time that you NEVER achieved anything that's on it. Then you start to feel jaded and irritated about the whole vision board process and you get vision bored. Meaning that nothing on your board speaks to you any more. You start looking at the board through eyes of discouragement, then disgust, then apathy and then eventually boredom. You lose that wonder and hope you once felt when gazing at your vision board. Now it's just a canvas of failed dreams and a land of no-thing coming true.

Been there, done that. And I'm here to tell you that this does not have to be the end of your vision boards. There is a better way! This way is effective - with tangible, short term goals that you'll actually achieve.

I have been using the better way and my most recent vision board success was the house that I attracted. We had been looking for a new rental for a short while...the rental we were in was not ideal for us anymore as there were many major maintenance issues coming up and the landlord was not fixing those issues in a prompt manner. So we decided we had to move and it would have to be soon. We started the hunt and in the meantime I posted a picture of a house on my board, put a date of accomplishment under the house and looked at the picture daily with the process I will outline in my next blog post (stay tuned!).

The home we wanted basically fell into our lap. We looked at so many houses and were constantly reaching out to different realtors who had listings we were interested in. Nothing was good enough...all the houses we went to see in our price range had something wrong with it (good size backyard but house was not nice/big enough, or nice house but the backyard was like a shoe box, or the layout was good but the kitchen was ugly, or the house had upgrades but the layout was crappy, etc. etc.)

But I didn't lose faith. I held out for the house I wanted because I knew it was out there. I knew that with the help of my vision board, my house would come to fruition. Then one day I saw a listing that was brand new. The pictures were really nice and the specs of the house met what I wanted. It just so happened that I had connected with a realtor the day before who told me that she would show me any house, any time and just to call her when I wanted to see something. She was super responsive which is somewhat hard to find in a realtor. So I called her up and said I wanted to see the listing ASAP and she said she could meet me there within the next 2 hours. I met her and she told me to apply for the house right away because houses like the one I was looking at with the upgrades, backyard, location and pricing did not stay on the market long. I applied online while at the house and in the meantime other realtors were driving up and taking their people on a tour. I was a little nervous! But in the end we were approved for the house. Turns out that there was one application that went in before us but they were denied, then our application was submitted and after our application came about 10 others but we were first in line. My husband actually heard through the grapevine that a guy he knows applied for the house as well but he was too late. So that's my most recent powerful experience with using my vision board. I was faithful to the process which will be outlined in detail in my next blog post so keep on the lookout for it! It will hit my website by next week Wednesday, April 6 2016. Stay positive!

In Love and Light,