Semi-Crunchy Mom

I am a middle-of-the-road sort of person. I tend to be pretty moderate in my views and can usually see both sides of the issue...for most things. Some issues are pretty black and white to me but an area that I'm pretty moderate in is my mommying style.  I have been seeing a trend that divides 2 groups of moms apart. These 2 groups are the conventional/mainstream moms and the crunchy/attachment-parenting moms. Here are some differences: 

Conventional/Mainstream Mom:
• Pro all vaccinations on the CDC recommended schedule. 
• Pro prescription medications and over-the-counter medications
• Pro children sleeping alone in crib from day 1 or Ferberizing baby when it's time to transition to sleeping alone
• Pro eating processed foods (Red number 40? Is that a crayola crayon color?)
• Pro physical punishment to teach child a lesson
• Pro formula for nourishment 
• Pro public education

Crunchy/Attachment-Parenting Mom:
• Anti-vaccinations 
• Anti-prescription meds and over-the-counter meds
• Pro sleeping in bed with mom and dad forever (Child is 10 years old? Guess it's time to kick dad out of the bed!)
• Anti-processed foods. Very aware of what kids are consuming
• Anti-physical punishment. Would never strike their kids - not even a swat on the tush.
• Pro breast-feeding for nourishment 
• Pro home-schooling or non-schooling

 I am not fully mainstream and I am not fully crunchy. So what name do I give myself? Semi-Crunchy Mom? Soggy Mom? Reasonable Mom? (Insert laugh here - It's all in good fun.) I don't even like the word "crunchy" as an adjective to describe a parenting style. I don't get it. Maybe because these sorts of moms have also been called "granolas" and granola is crunchy? I honestly don't even care enough about it to look it up so if you know where the term crunchy came about, please enlighten me! 

What makes me a semi-crunchy mom: 
• Vaccinations: Delayed schedule is fine by me. 
• Medications: We use essential oils in my home for our healthcare prescription meds BUT I do have Tylenol and Motrin on hand for when kids are very sick...and we will go to the doc if need be but we haven't had to in years. 
• Sleep: All my kids slept in my hubby's and my bed until about the age of 2 and a half to 3. Then we let them cry it out.
• Food: I am aware about the evils of sugar/processed items/etc. but we do eat junk sometimes. 
• Punishment: I will swat my kids on the butt
• Milk Source: I breastfed my oldest until she was 3 months old. I wish I had gone longer now. My 2 youngest I breastfed until 10 months and 1 year, respectively. 
• School: My oldest daughter has gone to both public schools and private schools. 

The thing is that there are moms shaming each other on either side of the coin which is really unfortunate. I wouldn't really want to speak to a mainstream mom about letting my kids sleep in the bed with me and my husband until they were older and I wouldn't want to speak to a crunchy mom about ferberizing my kids when we were ready for them to get out of our bed! Sure, most moms wouldn't outright criticize another mom but you know the feeling when you mention something about your parenting and there is a perceptible eye-roll that happens...then a statement from said eye-roller about how they do things differently with their kids. Do you know what I'm saying?? I KNOW I am not alone...

It was a clear, sunny day in LV. I was pushing my cart out from the grocery store with my 2 youngest in tow. I looked up and met the eye of a lady I know who was also coming out of the store. She was in my natural medicine circle so I hastily take stock of what's in my cart and groan inwardly because my cart is loaded with junk (I can't be held accountable - I was PMSing!). You can see some of that junk peeping out of the plastic, not-good-for-the-earth bags. I quickly step in front of my cart to deflect her gaze from the Oreos and red number 40 food coloring-laden gummy bears poking out, like some dirty little secrets. I wish I had a rug to sweep all the junk under. We stopped to talk and as I was talking to her...I realized that she had also stepped in front of her cart. Then I became curious and my eyes diverted to her cart for a moment. She nervously laughed and said, "I normally don't get this sort of stuff but my kids were begging me to buy it!" And that's when it hit me. I am not alone. 

Can I tell you how good It felt to know that!? A fellow semi-crunchy that I had always thought was so crunchy that you could break your teeth on her. I imagine it must be as uncomfortable the other way around...the "mainstream" mom who, in order to avoid eye-rolling from other moms who would think she's a bit wacky, feels she needs to hide the fact that she uses natural remedies like essential oils on her children or that she still lets her 4 year old child sleep in her bed with her and her husband. 

So I guess this is my coming out. I am me. I will parent my children as I see fit, even if it's letting them eat junk sometimes and vaccinating them on a delayed schedule. I make no apologies. Upon reflection now, this may have been just me being hypersensitive to others' judgment because of some uncertainty on my part, and maybe people weren't even really thinking that hard about what I do and don't do with my kids. Well I'm no longer uncertain, therefore no longer sensitive!  I know that the decisions I make for my children are right. And so what if someone rolls their eyes when I tell them about a parenting quirk I have? I'm proud to be a Semi-Crunchy/Soggy/Reasonable mom. :) 

I want to hear from you. What type of mom are you? Am I right that I'm not alone in my Semi-Crunchiness?