You ARE Powerful! Please Use Your Power the Right Way.

You are POWERFUL. Everyone is. Have you ever noticed when there's a grumpy person in a house? What happens in that house when that grumpy person is stomping around, with a "get the hell away from me" look on their face? Perhaps there's lots of laughter and happiness coming from the other members of the household? Probably not. My guess is that the other household members get just as irritated as the person who was grumpy first. That's an example of using power the wrong way. Take it the other direction. When a person has such a positive personality that they are beaming and loving their life and the world around them, and they sustain this energy and attitude on a daily basis, they can be so powerful that they inspire people they come in contact with to change for the better. 

The Ripple Effect

So you think that your power isn't affecting anyone but perhaps just yourself and your family members. No. Doesn't work that way. You are creating a ripple effect that you can't even fathom. 

Using Your Power The WRONG Way:
You're at Starbucks. The new cashier makes a mistake with your order. You are extremely irritated. You gave her a piece of your mind. The cashier then goes on to have a horrible day because you were one of her first customers and it sets her day up to be a totally crappy one. She is feeling miserable and is questioning this job. She goes home and is totally rude to her husband. It's a cold night in their home. The husband goes into work the next day and is a big jerk to his employees because of the bad night he had the night before. One of the offended employees goes home and yells at his teenage kid for not feeding the dog then stomps upstairs to remain there for the rest of the night. The kid leaves the house all pissed off, and, in his state of irritation, forgets to feed the dog yet again. Do you see what happened there? Because of you using your power the WRONG way, an innocent dog went hungry. Shame. On. You. 

Using Your Power the RIGHT Way: 
You're at Starbucks. The new cashier makes a mistake with your order. She is visibly worried about it but you assure her that you understand and that it's ok...everyone makes mistakes sometimes. You tip her a generous tip and tell her to smile more and not be so worried - she has a nice smile. She is reassured and you can tell she feels better. She goes on to have a good 8 hour shift, shaped by a forgiving stranger at the start of her day. When she gets home she suggests to her husband that they should go out to dinner. They don't treat themselves out enough. They have a great night. The husband goes into work the next day feeling great. He is jovial with his employees and jokes around with them a lot. He calls one particular employee into his office and tells him that he has noticed all the great work he's doing. The employee goes home, feeling happy that his boss noticed all the effort he's been putting in at work. He and his son prepare BBQ for their dinner. They sit together and enjoy each other's company. Their dog gets the leftover steak for dinner. Yeah, baby! That's using your power the RIGHT way! 

Moral of the story? Use your power the RIGHT way! You NEVER know who you are affecting and where. Your good mood could go on for miles and miles, transferring to many, many different people. Same with your bad mood. Please, for the love of God! Don't be the reason for an innocent dog going hungry. 

How to be the kind of person who will never be the reason for a dog going hungry:
To be that person who influences positive change, you've got to flex your mental muscles on a daily, hourly, minute-by-minute basis. If you are new to this, start by listening to positive people. There are a ton of them out there to pay attention to! Just pop in your ear buds and turn on YouTube. Listen to their positive messages while doing the dishes, driving to work, running. Do this every single day. Getting started really is as easy as that. 

Warning: When you start on your personal development path, you may find yourself getting into other things that make you healthier and happier such as eating better, essential oils, yoga, meditation, seeking out spirituality, tree-hugging, networking and becoming friends with other positive influencers of the world, and dropping those who are using their power the wrong way.

Are you ready?  Post a comment about how you used your power the RIGHT way today! 


In Love and Health,