What are Essential Oils?

🌿💧Welcome to my essential oils 101 class blog post!

What is an essential oil anyway? Pictured is a marjoram leaf on the left and to the right, a magnification of the leaf. Those little dots you see on the leaf are the essential oil of the plant. These little dots do some amazing things for the plant. They help the plant to maintain an optimal temperature, help it to repel damaging bugs, help it to fight disease and recover from an injury. Plants are living things and need protection. Essential oils provide that protection. In our full circle world that we live in, plants can't survive without their essential oils, and we can't survive without plants. Pretty cool, right!? Maybe you can start to see why essential oils are so beneficial for us. We all know what we need to do to be healthy. Exercise, eat right, hydrate, practice positivity. Repeat the cycle. 😄 I view essential oils as just another layer of healthy living. People who use essential oils intentionally for their health are on the cutting edge of wellness. We understand that we work with all facets (mind, body, soul) to be the best version of ourselves that we can be.

Essential oils are natural aromatic compounds of a plant. When you are smelling the scent of a rose, you're smelling the essential oil of the rose. Essential oils can be found in the leaves, bark, seeds, rind, flower, etc. of a plant and all are steam distilled besides citrus oils. Citrus oils are cold pressed from the rind of the fruit.

Essential oils do not cure or prevent any disease or ailment. What they do is help to balance our systems so our bodies can do what they were naturally intended to do which is heal itself. 🙏🏽✨When you get a cut, what happens? Your body goes to work and heals that cut, right? Essential oils help us to maintain our health and therefore help us recover and regenerate faster. The healthier your system is, the faster you heal. The more unhealthy it is, the slower is the healing process. I, personally, want to be on the healing fast track. I KNOW how miraculous my body is and I want to do everything possible to to support it so it can support me to live my best life ever. Hope you learned something from this post! Have a great day. 💜🌿💧🙏🏽✨😎