Vision Board Part 2

This is part 2 of a 2 part blog post about vision boards. Welcome back! I hope you enjoyed the first post. Let's dive into it!

There are going to be 3 steps to take to create an effective vision board.

Step 1: Find a simple board that you can attach pictures to and remove pictures from with ease. It can be a cork board, a magnetic board, etc. If you can't obtain a board you can even just use painter's tape to make a border on your wall and stick your pictures directly to the wall.

Step 2: Get rid of that vision board that looks like a magazine threw up on it. You're going to get simple with your VB. You are going to need 9 items for your board. ONLY 9! I have to exclaim about that because I used to spend so much time creating my board and when I found I needed only 9 pictures to create an effective board I was super relieved!

The picture to the right is of the 9 areas in your life that you want to find images for:

I got this image from 3 Key Elements which is the company that held the training I went to that had an in-depth segment about vision boards. The training was called the Art of Mentoring if you'd like to check it out.

How do you determine what you would like to put under these 9 subjects you might ask? Well, if you have a goal (date specific) you'd like to accomplish, put that image in the section with the corresponding subject. If you don't have anything specific that you'd like to attain by a certain date, then simply place an on-going, general goal for that section. For example - Family section: If you have a goal such as running a 5K with your family then find a picture that represents that goal and write below it "Run 5K for charity with my family on April 23, 2016." If you don't have a date specific goal you can put something general such as "healthy, happy family" and place a picture of your healthy, happy family in that area. When you set a date-specific goal, take down the general goal and replace it with the specific one. For example, take down "healthy, happy family" and replace it with "Run a 5K for charity with my family on April 23, 2016" The important thing is to have something positive that you want to experience for each of the 9 areas on the board.

As you accomplish your goals, you will take the picture down from your board (along with the goal you had in writing) and place this in an accomplishment box or binder. Make sure that you have the date that you accomplished it so you can look back and remember when you reached that goal. Remember - you only have to find pictures for 9 sections! Super simple!

Step 3: Look at your board for 3 minutes morning and night; 20 seconds per section. A good tip is to get an interval timer on your phone, set it for 3 minutes and break the 3 minutes down to 20 second intervals. Just so you know you spent the right amount of time focusing on the different sections. The best time to look at your board is right when you wake up in the morning and right before you fall asleep at night. That's when you are closest to source. There are 3 different layers to activate when you gaze upon your board. It's super specific and very powerful.

  • The first layer is physically (looking with your physical eyes). This is pretty self-explanatory. You may be thinking - Duh. I knew I had to look at it. However, have you ever had the experience of looking at something but you are really looking through it and not really focusing on it because you have a million other thoughts crossing your mind besides the images right in front of you? That's what so many people do with their VBs which may be the reason they are so ineffective. So make sure you really focus in on your VB. Be present in the moment.
  • The second layer is to get into the feelingization of your images. When you're looking, really get into the feeling. Do you have a picture of the beach on your board? Feel the sand on your toes, smell the salty sea air and the sun on your skin, hear the ocean's roar. Or maybe you have a goal of a brand new, specific car. Recall the new car scent, feel the steering wheel under your hands, see the interior clear as day. Look up pictures of the interior of that car or better yet, go and test drive the car so you can recall the experience and get into the feelingization every time you look at your VB image of your car.
  • The third layer is getting into the spirit of service to others. Meaning - in order for the images I see on my VB to come into my reality, I really need to tap into the thought of whose lives would be positively changed if I were to reach my VB goal. For example: If I was able to afford that house on my VB what does that mean for my employees and/or my network marketing team and/or my children? How would being able to go on that trip overseas to build my business impact the people in that other country that I'm bringing my business to? Really get into that servant leadership role. Lean into the goodness that will happen if you were to accomplish your goals. Get tapped into the gratitude of it. I feel so grateful when I am able to help someone accomplish their goals whether big or small, and guess what? When I help others I am helping myself. It's all circular. You need to expect that you reaching your VB goals will really impact others in a positive, uplifting way.

And that's it! To demonstrate how different the feeling of a VB is when you create it differently, here is a picture of my VB before I went to the training:

While it's pretty and I was able to be really creative, it was very busy and chaotic. My mind had too much to take in which made it nearly impossible to focus on any one aspect of it. Now take a look at my VB after I revamped it with the knowledge I gleaned from the training:

It is clear. It is concise. It is uncluttered. And it is specific. As you can see, there are 9 sections total on my board with clearly written goals. The goals that are not date specific do not have dates on them but the other goals do. As I set goals with dates for the different segments, I will replace the general goals until my date specific goal is accomplished. I hope that you found this post helpful with your VB creation! After you create it, be consistent with looking at it in the way I outlined. You will start realizing your goals faster than you know it! Happy manifesting!


Love Always,