Do you ever use visualization as a tool to get what you want out of life? I know a lot of people who use this tool often. You've probably heard about the marathon runner who sees themselves in their minds eye crossing that finish line, or the NBA player who clearly sees his accurate 3 point shot over and over again. The Law of Attraction is activated when you use visualization. This is how the law of attraction works: if you want to experience more of something, you have to become more of that thing which you want to experience. Like attracts like. For example: If you want more loving relationships, you have to be a more loving person. The law of attraction always starts with you. It's an inside job - the outside transforms to match the inside.

One thing I learned while implementing the law of attraction and using visualization in my own life is that there's a third component to successfully shaping your life with what you WANT as opposed to what you don't want. That component is the feeling that you're having when you are thinking of the thing you want to attract into your life. How I feel is the activator for manifesting what I want.

How does this work? Well - if you decide to be generous in the hopes of receiving more financial abundance, yet you are feeling really resentful about being generous, then the universe/God (whatever term you use) will reflect back your feelings more than your actions. If you feel resentful and like you don't have enough even as you are handing out your donation - then guess what? That feeling of scarcity is what you will continue to manifest in your life.

The foundation of creating your life is gaining control of your imagination and feelings. I call this manifesting tool "feelingization." When you are intentional with your imagination as well as your feelings, you become really clear on the action to take. When you take that clear, guided action, your life will be purposely filled with what that you want. And it can go either way.  Most people are not aware that their imagination and their feelings are creating negative circumstances in their life. And that's why it's SO important to gain control of the power of your mind and emotions. 
Here's an example of using feelingization to your detriment:

•You have a negative thought
•You don't actively squash that thought
•You end up piling on more negative thoughts to feed the first thought
•Your negative thoughts take on a life of their own and pretty soon you have created an entire gut wrenching scenario in your mind stemming from that first negative thought
•You think about this scenario often. You act it out in your head. You feel in in your being. You are anxious, nervous and upset (remember the scenario hasn't happened in real life!). Yet you physically feel the sensations of how it would be if this scenario really happened.
•The scenario ends up happening and you just knew that it was going to happen! Your worrying was totally justified.
•You repeat the cycle.
•You wonder why you are always so unlucky. :(

Now here's an example of using your imagination to your advantage:

•You are going to speak publicly for the first time at an event next week.
•The thought of speaking at this event is throwing you into all sorts of emotional turbulence. You feel sweaty and nervous just at the thought of presenting in front of all those people.
•You decide that you will NOT let the anxiety take you down and you become intentional with creating this scenario exactly as you want it to play out.
•You activate your imagination to your advantage by sitting in silence daily (at least once a day for a few minutes) and imagine the event: You see yourself in front of the crowd. You are calm and have a powerful presence. The audience is riveted. You finish your presentation and you know you nailed it.
•The day of the event comes. It happens as you saw it in your mind's eye numerous times prior to the actual event.
•You are empowered knowing that you can train your brain to not be a runaway train towards negative, anxiety producing thoughts. You have the knowledge that you can train it to create powerful life experiences,
•You live your life on purpose!

See the difference between the 2 ways you can use your imagination? You have the power to influence every aspect of your life; relationships, finances, career, health. I encourage you to be the creator of your life and not the reactor to events.

Life doesn't happen to you, YOU happen to life.

I want to hear from you! When have you used feelingization? Did you know you were using it at the time or did this blog post help you recognize it? Thank you for taking the time to read!

Love Always,