"Manifestive" Energy

You know when you set out to "manifest" something in your life and it ends up falling flat? For the past couple of long months (stretching out to over a year) I have been intending to create a certain result and I've kicked all the manifesting mojo in full gear; or so I thought. I have written out my goals over and over again in the present tense, I say my goals out loud, I meditate on my goal and have sessions of creative visualization where I see myself having it. I take action. Meaning that I go out into the world and intentionally do the activities that I know will get me closer to my goal. Although I have been throwing myself into all this activity and action, I still have yet to reach my goal. Over the last month or so I have really thought through what I am doing wrong.

I had an ah-ha moment one day while journaling out a few thoughts. My ah-ha moment was this: I have not been having fun while doing all of this activity. It's was like pulling teeth and some days, like straight up torture thinking about doing all the work I had to do yet not reaching my goal. I learned that one manifests what they think about and FEEL the most. So whatever emotion is being drummed up in myself is what will perpetuate in my life. So I feel tortured while doing my work? The universe says: I'll give you more to feel tortured about. And if you're trying to get people to follow you in your cause, you won't be able to because who follows a tortured person?? 

Not sure about you, but for me, being tortured and pulling teeth is NOT the way I want to live my life!! I want to have fun and be FESTIVE. I want that passion and zeal to shine brightly from my soul. I want that manifestive energy to ignite a spark in someone else that starts a transformation within them.

The most challenging thing to me in my business is connecting with a cold contact, or a stranger, to share my product with them. This is where I've been getting really caught up in the pulling teeth/torture feeling. Over the past few weeks I have flipped the script and the emotion, with almost instantaneous results. I also used the process called The Work by Byron Katie where you take your thought to inquiry. If you haven't heard about this process I highly recommend that you explore it for yourself. There is an app to use where you can see a damaging thought in an entirely different light in a matter of minutes by doing The Work. Here are a few thoughts I took to inquiry:

Old Script: I have to go out and talk to new people. This is torture.
New Script: I GET to go out and educate people about a product that will change their life. I am so lucky and so are the people I touch.

Old Script: Following up is hard, nobody gets back to me.
New Script: I am excited to reconnect with people to see how their essential oil sample is already doing amazing things for them! And they are equally excited for me to follow up with them.

Old Script: The people I've shared samples with won't come to a class.
New Script: The people I've shared samples with are eager to come to a class and learn more. They felt the power of the essential oils and KNOW they need these oils in their life.

Along with taking those thoughts to inquiry, I have worked on being festive! I put a smile on my face and use body language to change my emotions before I go out and meet new people or make a phone call. It really works. Over the last few weeks, almost all of the people I've shared a sample with have gotten back to me right away and are attending classes I have on the schedule or will be setting up a one-on-one with me. I have a new lady who is excited to start sharing with her network of friends and is inviting 50 people to her first class. I connected with a lady who is out of town and wants to start building. There are lots of great things in the works and I am so grateful. When you're having fun and being festive in your work, you will attract so many people with that energy. Remember that. Take your thoughts to inquiry and work on changing your script. Let me know what success stories start popping up for you when you do this! 

Love Always,