Mirrors Hold Magic


I have a confession to make: I used to have a crappy, average life.

I remember thinking that there was so much better in store for me...yet I was living in bitterness. When would that 'betterness' begin to come to me?

I knew I was meant for more so I sought out different modalities to help me in my personal growth. These modalities included meditating, reading, visualization work, tuning into Ted Talks, etc., getting out in nature, exercising, feeding my body good fuel, etc.

I knew I needed to change my mindset so I went heavy on it and continue to work at it daily!

One of the very first things I did to shift my thoughts was to utilize something we all have in our homes: A mirror.

This mirror tip is so simple to do that on the surface it seems like it wouldn't make much of a difference. However, I learned over time that this tip makes a world of difference. I noticed pretty much immediately a shift in energy from negativity to positivity (not only for myself but for my entire family) after I implemented it. 

Here's my tip:

 I write positive affirmations on my mirror in dry erase marker.

When I first put marker to mirror, my most pressing life challenge I wanted to address was my marriage. I had long standing programming from my childhood that led me to believe that marriage was a struggle and I acted on those beliefs. Therefore I wasn't the best wife and my husband followed my cue. I desperately wanted to change this so my very first positive affirmation I wrote was intended to get my marriage on the right track.

I wrote this on my mirror: I am in a loving, respectful, honest marriage.

At first I didn't notice much happening. Then after a couple of weeks I realized that I wasn't always looking for reasons to be mad at my husband. I felt a softening towards him; sort of like some barrier was coming down. Like I didn't need to be so accusatory and defensive. The amazing thing is that this affirmation I put up was also being seen daily by my husband since it was written on our shared bathroom mirror. So the affirmation was also working its magic on him and changing up the belief system he had about our marriage.

Things shifted.  Our marriage got better and better. My marriage now is something I am super proud of! I truly love my husband. And I know he loves me. 

Sure there is a lot of work that goes into creating a healthy, happy marriage and life, and that work can be fun! Especially when helped along with some mindset-shifting affirmations written on your mirror. 😉

Everyone in my family reaps the benefits of my affirmations since we are all readers now! (My youngest is 5 years old and reads well.) I even noticed that my teenager has been writing on her mirrors recently as well. 😍

At this time I have these affirmations written on various mirrors around my house:

• I Choose to be Happy

• I am Powerfully Positive

• I Love my Life

I change them up from time to time, depending on what energy I feels needs to be vibrating through my home. I love how simple it is to seep some good vibes into our subconscious! 

Do you think you'll start this in your home? What are some affirmations you'll write or already have written? Post a comment, I would love to hear!