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Local Event: Detox & Renew

RSVP for Address: (702) 375-0785

You've spent your entire lifetime consuming things that may or may not be great for your health. How much time during your life have you spent intentionally cleansing and releasing the lingering effects from consuming the not-so-great things? 

The very first detox I completed changed my life. My body came to a balance that I was struggling to find for years up until I made the decision to follow through. Others I know have also had life changing results from releasing junk that was really needing to go.

Join this class to learn how you can complete your 30 day detox program with products from dōTERRA International. You'll learn about each product in the program and why we use that product, plus helpful tips on the diet to follow for the 30 days.

Make the decision this month to move towards greater health and vitality! C'mon, what're you waiting for? Another year to come and go? NOW is the time. Carpe Diem!