June 2015 Spotlight: Patricia Conley!

Patricia Conley
Rank Advancement: Director

I have only had the pleasure of meeting this wonderful lady only one time but can tell that her energy is amazing. Plus she raised a pretty awesome lady whom I do know, China Li Smith! I am grateful that Patricia is part of my team and look forward to supporting her in her growth. 

1. What do you do outside of your essential oil business? 

I am a certified yoga teacher and a certified meditation teacher, also a Reiki Master-Teacher. One day a week I teach two 90 minute classes at a rehab center, one class is for men and one is for women, yoga and meditation for each, with a foundation of recovery, all adult students are in some stage of substance abuse recovery. One morning a week I teach meditation to women at our local jail. My husband and I are empty nesters, with 5 adult children and 7 grandchildren from pre-school to college.

2. What made you decide that sharing essential oils as a business was right for you?

My daughter China Li Smith call me a little over a year ago and told me that she attended a presentation about EO...and she remembered that I had worked with oils many years ago...asking if I still had my reference books . We had a good conversation about essential oils and me being the mom, I suggested that she walk slowly into this possible new venture. Next thing I knew she signed as a WA- she was not only excited about the world of oils, but she was excited about the strong sense of community. In an effort to support my daughter I said that I would sign up as well. So the rolls have reversed, I am now asking my Upline/Daughter for advice. All of her years in the cosmetic industry and sales have given her an "oil up" on her new career. I follow a pretty balanced holistic lifestyle and incorporating oils into that lifestyle has been a great fit. I have shared some of the addiction protocols with some of my students at the shelter and even though they lack the income at this time, knowledge is power and part of their journey is becoming empowered to heal.

3. What advice would you give to a new builder? 

I have been with my essential oil business for almost a year and have just recently begun to feel confident in this new arena...I would say, take it slowly, read, communicate and don't be afraid to try something new, and share your knowledge ...slow and easy has worked for me.