July 2015 Spotlight: Heather Kimble!

Heather Kimble
New to the business and achieved Manager (almost Director) her first month of sharing!

This lady has a very big heart and just wants to give to others that peace of mind she's experienced herself using essential oils. I know that when she puts her mind to something, she will achieve it! She's determined and intelligent. I have had a great time chatting with her about her essential oil business. 

1. Why did you decide that you wanted to start sharing essential oils with others? 
I have been a regular essential oil user for about 3 years. I helped the people around me and I was already sharing by giving product away to help people boost their immune systems during winter months. Then, I started using Balance for myself. When I reached a health emotion balance, I realized so many of my friends had the same issues and could benefit from essential oils on a much deeper level like I have. This was the point that made all the difference for me. From being a consumer to feeling like I need share this with the world.

2. What do you want to achieve in this business?
What I want to achieve is simple. I want to give people the tools to help themselves. I wish for everyone to feel as good as I do!