February 2016 Spotlight: China-Li Smith

Wellness Advocate: China-Li Smith
Rank Advancement: Premier

China is our February spotlight for achieving the rank of Premier! This woman is a firecracker and a joy to know. She is so full of love and energy and I am grateful to know her. When she decides she wants something, she goes all in, makes it happen and makes it beautiful! Congrats, China, on working towards and achieving the rank of Premier!
I asked her 3 questions. Here are her answers:

1. What do you do outside of your essential oil business?
I am also a freelance makeup artist, I have been doing makeup for over 20 years and enjoy making people feel beautiful and being a part of their special events. When not chasing after the kids I love doing anything creative. From recreating something from Pinterest to planning parties!

2. What made you decide that sharing oils as a business was a right fit for you?
I spent a long time researching job options outside of my corporate job and never thought of a company like the one I ended up getting into, sharing essential oils. When I left my corporate job, I went to an essential oils class. I fell in love with the product and thought - I want to teach a class. My background included a lot of public speaking and teaching so it seemed like a perfect fit. Helping people, natural living, ability to work and stay home with my kids, utilize my skills of speaking and teaching, earn income, being empowered by owning a business of my own, being part of a company with a social conscience. It was a no-brainer. This essential oil company checked all the boxes. I signed up and ordered business cards the next day!

3. What advice would you give to a new Wellness Advocate who is ready to start sharing essential oils with others?
I would say - Have confidence in YOU! You are more powerful and knowledgeable than you know. Lead with a heart of service and challenge yourself to ALL the possibilities that sharing can bring. Have fun. This is YOUR time!!