March 2016 Spotlight: Michelle Schoser Davis

Wellness Advocate: Michelle Schoser Davis
Rank Advancement: Director

Michelle is our Wellness Advocate recognized for making a rank advancement during the month of March! I have not yet had the pleasure of meeting Michelle but from what I've heard about her and through the correspondence I've had with her, she is a very sweet person with a passion for travel and natural health. I look forward to meeting her in the near future! I asked Michelle 3 questions. Here they are!

1. Why did you decide that you wanted to start sharing essential oils with others?
I have been using essential oils in some capacity since I was 18 years old as I was first exposed to them in the Beauty Industry. I remember at 18, my mom bought me a book on aromatherapy and I would study all of the different herbs and what they were most commonly used for. When I experienced the benefits first hand I was hooked! I have always been fascinated with natural and holistic health and if you can pass a little of that on to someone else to help them in a tiny or monumental way it is worth taking the time to share!

2. What do you want to achieve in this business?
At this point I just want anyone that wants to be a part of this journey to be happy with what they purchase and reap the natural benefits! I would love for down the road to travel the world for at least a year and have some income being generated while we are exploring the world!

3. What advice would you give to a person brand new to sharing essential oils with others?
Build your confidence with product knowledge and listen to others' needs. Above all, have fun and be yourself!