May 2016 Spotlight: Sue Sran

Wellness Advocate: Sue Sran
Rank Advancement: Elite

Sue Sran is such a joy to work with! I've had the pleasure of attending Natural Solutions classes she's taught as well as co-teaching them with her as well. She has come a long way in her health and truly wants to help others find wellness for themselves as well. An example of her nature of thinking of others before herself is this: when I congratulated her for reaching Elite, she immediately said that she really wanted to help her team achieve the same because it's so exciting! What a selfless soul. Thanks, Sue, for caring so much about others! I asked Sue 3 questions. Here are her answers:

1. Why did you decide that you wanted to start sharing essential oils?
Once I started using the oils and experienced how effective they were for myself and my family's health concerns it was hard to not tell others about them especially my family and friends. I wanted to help them learn about these natural health solutions as well. The fact that there are others options out there to help combat illness, if one chooses to be proactive with their health and life instead of reactive, is what I want to share with others.

2. What do you want to achieve in this business?
I want to achieve the ability to have a residual income for years to come while loving what I do. Also being able to help those in need in the world will give me most happiness.

3. What advice would you give to a person new to the business?
It takes hard work and consistent search for knowledge to learn and grown your business. Wanting to overcome your fears will be the first step to success. Once you're committed then nothing can stop you. It's all up hill from there. Keep the motivation going and read read read to educate yourself. Communication and follow up with your team is also very important for continuous growth and to develop your leadership. This will help them look up to you and see the growth potential and thus believe and follow suite.