June 2016 Spotlight: Abby Sattley-Lyons

Wellness Advocate:
Abby Sattley-Lyons
Rank Advancement: Elite

I met Abby a couple of times when I traveled out to Colorado to support team members out there. She is a very sweet and genuine person. Abby reached the rank of Elite a couple of months ago! She is creating movement in her team and in her life and I'm so happy that she chose to share essential oils with others. I asked Abby some questions. Here are her answers:

1.) Why did you decide that you wanted to start sharing essential oils with others?
I wanted to start sharing essential oils because I fell in love with them, I saw how they worked and helped out me and my family in so many different ways, emotionally, and physically. I want other people to experience what I did with the oils.

2.) What do you want to achieve in this business?
I want to share with everyone that I know about the power of essential oils. I would like to help people to bring oils into their home to also help them and their families emotionally and physically. I also want to learn all I can about essential oils and strive to accomplish all my goals in this endeavor.

3.) What advice would you give to a brand new builder?
I would tell a brand new builder to never give up, keep sharing oils. People will say No to you, and that's ok. Move on to the next person. Use oils daily on you and your family. Dont overwhelm yourself by wanting to know everything at once, there is a lot to learn with essential oils, learn a little at a time. Reach out to your team at anytime, we are here to help, we are now a part of your family and we want not only ourselves to succeed but our entire team!