March 2017 Spotlight: Michelle Schoser

Wellness Advocate: Michelle Schoser
Rank Advancement: Executive in March

It's funny because even thought I've never met Michelle yet I know that she's amazing! She has a very sweet vibe and does a lot for her community. I really look forward to the time when we can meet in person. Michelle reached the rank of Executive in March and I wanted to acknowledge her achievement. The rank of Executive means that you have 2,000 overall volume in sales for yourself and your downline. I asked Michelle 3 questions. Here are her answers: 

1. Why will you use doterra products for the rest of your life?
~ As a user of essential oils and trying different brands, the quality of DoTerra is really incredible! I also like their model of fair trade and giving back.

2. What is your favorite diffuser blend right now and why? 
~I am obsessed with Cypress, White Fir and Grapefruit! It is uplifting!!!!

3. What do you love best about doterra's loyalty rewards program?
~The loyalty rewards program isn't about why someone should do it, it really is more about why not!? It is amazing to be rewarded for shopping and then getting to pick out fun items or maybe try something new! I also like to use my rewards to invest back into my business with incentives as a win win!