May 2017 Spotlight: Nikki Berdzar

Wellness Advocate: Nikki Berdzar

Rank Advancement: Premier

If you ever have the pleasure of meeting Nikki, you'll see that she is someone who loves to take care of those around her. She has a big personality and makes everyone laugh! During Diamond Club, I was able to spend time with her in her home in Colorado. Upon meeting her I already knew I was going to get along with her fabulously. She recently welcomed another child into her home and is still rocking her doterra business through all those changes! I asked Nikki 3 questions. Here are her answers: 

1. Nikki, you are great at enrolling! What is your favorite tip for bringing in consistent enrollments?
- Follow up! Even when you think someone has lost interest or there is no interest. Follow up! I've had people sign up a year and some even 2 years after month after month of giving samples and/or advice. Always give samples and advice with an open heart. I love helping people see the value the oils bring to our homes. 

2. You just had a baby (congrats!) and you have another little one at home. What advice would you give to moms with young ones for balancing home life while building doterra?
- I set up a play area that is pretty entertaining. My 2.5 year old can play for hours and I have my computer set up very close by. Sometimes I fill my sample bottles, work online, set up classes, etc. The great thing is that if my toddler and my 2 week old need me I'm right here! Even if your only quiet time of the day is nap time. Use the quick time wisely. That's something upline taught me. We always have more time than we think. Write down a week's worth of what you do. See the free time you do have and use it!

3. Which doterra product is your very favorite and why?
My favorite essential oil is Melissa. I use it as my perfume. I love the smell and also the mood it leaves me in throughout the day. :)